Minday can suck the monkey's balls that this place has turned into. Happy 2005
It took me, what, almost 4 months, but I've updated again. Happy New Year to the two people I still know on here. I've decided to actually try and start up doing this crap again, but no here, oh no. This place still pisses me off. My new little spot is at xanga, and my username is yourherosaredead

What the fuck? Mindsay won't let me paste the address in here ... stupid fucking asshole motherfuckers. I hate them all. Anyway, it's http://www.xanga.com/yourherosaredead I've only updated it once. If you expect to get a daily thing, don't, it won't happen. The colors and stuff still suck over there, but give me a few days and it'll look better.

See y'all on the flipside

MindSay Quick Update /
I am feeling like the new mindsay sucks monkeyass
The new mindsay sucks monkey ass
This sucks hardcore. I have to redo all my shit.

My nuts itch
Barbershop 3 - The white guy gets a haircut
For any of you that have seen me within the past week or so, you'll have taken notice of the unkempt briarpatch of blackness that I call hair. It'd gotten to the point where even my old, stretched out and ripped kanji hat wouldn't fit anymore. So, after a little deliberation, I decided to get my haircut before work today. I went down to the barber shop that I've been going to of late, in downtown East Moline. It's run by an old white guy, and the other old white guy sits in the other barber chair and blathers on about current events. It's pretty much the type that's been around for 50 years.

Anyway, it just so happens that this place is closed on Wednesday. So, with a pressing need to get my hair cut, and not much time to look around for places to get it done, I stopped at a place that was about a mile or so down the road. After finding a parking space, I stepped in ...

And right away I knew something was a bit amiss. On the counter, next to the cash register, was a milk crate full of cd cases, with a sign on the front of it proclaiming them, "Hot Rap CDs $5." By then, it was too late to turn around, as I was already a few steps inside. I looked around for a second, and noticed an immense dark shape sitting in(I use the term sitting loosely, more like wearing) the middle of three barber's chairs. It was "Big T," as the plastic tarp that was wrapped around him advertised. At first, I thought it was Notorius B.I.G came back to life, in barber form. The fellow he was talking to appeared to be, at first glimpse, Cheech Marin. Cheech wandered into the back when I came in, and Biggie Smalls told me to sit.

He asked what kind of "hurrcut" I wanted, and I replied with, "Just take it down to a 1 guard." Now, I don't know if he was confused as to why someone would want their hair this sort, or he just wasn't used it, but he asked be no less than 5 times if I was sure that's what I wanted. After starting to shave away my mop of hair, Cheech came back, and the two talked about various section 8 apartments around the greater East Moline area.

After a discussion about this for some time, Cheech left, and I was left alone with Notorius P.I.G. For some reason, barbers can't just cut hair in silence. They feel the need to carry on chit chat with their victi, err, customers. After a bit of useless yammering, the topic of politics came up. And Biggy went on to tell me how he thinks we would benefit from living under a dictatorship. He also said, "If we don't like what the dictorship guy does, we can vote him out." At that point, I felt it useless to argue or say anything to the contrary, and just nodded.

Anyway, to make a long story short(too late), I expect to be in the next Barbershop movie with LL Cool Cube, or Iced Mocha, or whatever the rapper names are nowadays. At least it was a good haircut.
My lust for bad horror movies is never satiated.
Those of you that know me know that one of my means of entertainment is buying, and watching, bad horror movies. For some strange, twisted reason, I love this. B-movies and worse, bring 'em on. If I had to venture a guess, my DVD collection has probably 30+ of these movies in it. Why do I do this you ask? Who knows; maybe, deep down, I have some masochistic urge to punish myself by watching utterly rediculous movies. The most astonishing part is that I LOVE it, especially when the movies are really bad. It's a sickness that has been around for a long time, and shows no indication that it will leave any time soon.

That being said, I have purchased another bad horror movie, this one off of eBay. EBay is a fantastic place to find these movies, as there are some REALLY bad horror movies on DVD that go for $5, $4, and less.

My newest purchase is, perhaps, the centerpiece of my collection. Even though the auction just ended an hour or so ago, and I have yet to recieve the movie, the description alone has me almost drooling in anticipation. Anticipation of how much it is going to suck.

What movie, you ask? The movie is
PiƱata: Survival Island
. The eBay description is what grabbed my attention, and it is as follows:

They were just some college co-eds who wanted to collect as much underwear as possible. Now they'reat the mercy of a monstrous beast who stalks them as prey. The students originally arrive for an island adventure in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The festivities take an evil turn when, during an underwear hunt, one pair of co-eds, handcuffed together in the spirit of team, smash a pinata and unleash the evil spirits contained within. Mirroring a popular television show of the day, the youthful brigade now must learn how to survive on the island or be summarily dismissed, only the ejections on this island are slightly more permanent and aren't subject to a vote.

How could someone NOT be interested after reading that?? It's going to be awesome, awesome in it's horribleness. Hopefully I'll have it in my possesion by this weekend, and shortly thereafter, will be able to give you all, my devoted followers, a complete recap of it.

Until then.
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